HopeFM & Thrive Radio are sharing this message of Gratitude everyday through encouraging music, hopeful conversation, and talk that helps people and families grow in their faith. People tell us constantly how this media ministry reminds them of who God is and that He is above their circumstances. That is where Hope is found and that is why we are so passionately and aggressively trying to reach as many people as possible with these two stations. With that said, your help is vitally needed as we head into the fall!

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Sarah wrote...

“I was battling addiction for years. I started listening to HopeFM & Thrive and I felt like God had something better for me and my young son.  We attended one of your concerts shortly after that and we both gave our hearts back to God.  We are living for Him now and I'm delivered from that addiction!  Praise the Lord!”

Renee wrote…

“I listen to the Morning show on Hope FM every morning on my drive to work.  It has blessed me  greatly. Many times a song will come on that I really needed to hear.  I am happy to support the radio station and will continue to do so because it has been such a blessing to me, and I am sure to many others as well.  Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s work.”

Margaret wrote…

“I just found Thrive Radio and started listening a few months ago.   I find myself at the age where I'm not able to get out much, including getting to church regularly.  Listening to Thrive, I have learned more in a few months than I have in 41 years as a Christian!   Thank your for filling my days with teaching & great music.”


Thanks again for being a part of the FAMILY!


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